Truffle is a wonderful tool, it helps enormously to create and deploy contracts, and is configurable.

The default destination for builds is build/contracts/ which is fine unless you want to load them in Web3 to expose them in a DApp through React. Rect is going to complain that the file is outside the source folder. No biggie, we can move the build destination with:

contracts_build_directory: path.join(__dirname, "src/abi"),

With the contract compiled, we can deploy easily to different testbeds and networks. First, we need to create the networks in truffle-config.js

module.exports = {
	networks: {
		development: {
     host: "",
     port: 8545,
     network_id: "*", // Any network (default: none)
    rinkeby: {
	    provider: function() {
        return new HDWalletProvider(<mnemonic>, "<INFURA_PROJECT_ID>")
      network_id: 3

Then, we can migrate our contracts informing the desired destination.

truffle migrate --network rinkeby